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What must it be like to be exhausted all the time? When walking up a flight of stairs seems like climbing Mount Everest? This is the condition Andy found himself in.

As a trainee nurse with a young family Andy suddenly found himself suffering from a serious heart condition called, “Multi-focal Right Atria Tachycardia.” The Sinus Node, which controls how the heart beats, was malfunctioning, causing an extremely fast heart rate sometimes up to 400 beats per minute. Not only was this causing him to be totally exhausted and unable to work but eventually the heart muscle would thicken in response to having to work so hard which would prove fatal.

Andy agreed to have surgery to try to correct the malfunctioning heart. However, during the operation Andy’s heart stopped beating and the surgeons had to apply a defibrillator to bring him back to life. During those minutes Andy had a truly amazing experience. He found himself in a place that was “bright and white.” There he had an extraordinary encounter with Jesus.

The operation was a success but two years later Andy began experiencing the same symptoms again. He was admitted for more surgery but this time the operation was not a success and his heart was left in a worse state than before.

More surgery followed. Andy’s wife Judy was allowed into the operating theatre. The surgery did not go well. Judy was praying constantly with the surgeon’s approval. Eventually, after some desperate measures being taken by the surgeons Andy’s heart began beating properly again. The surgeon was prepared to recognise that God had intervened.

For the next five years Andy’s heart gave him no more problems, but then once again he began to experience the return of the symptoms. The surgeon recommended that the same procedure be done again, but this time reckoned there was no more than a 20% chance of success.

The church began a special prayer routine for Andy which involved folks from the church going to his house to pray every day. By the time Andy went for surgery the surgeons could find no problem with his heart. God had healed him.

Andy did not require the surgery. He returned to work and his heart has been healthy ever since.



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